During the past decades, many people have been obsessed with the way their body looks, and have been looking for ways to improve it. In this article, you will be going to know about body training.

let’s see what is exactly body training?

What is body training?

Body training is a movement of our body and we can also say that with some physical activities, the body burns calories, like balancing, twisting, bending, squatting running as well.

For body training, we don’t need specific areas or weights. It can be done anywhere even at home or at the office. It will help to make you fit and active.

There are two types of body training such as:

  • Body Workout.
  • Weight Lifting.

Body Workout

BODY TRAINING-WHAT IS IT?, girl trying to balance on blue ball

Body workout is using your body movements for a workout instead of using weights. The most common bodyweight exercises are pushing, pulling, sit-ups. Doing amounts of repetitions will increase body strength and endurance, and also help to improve your focus in other outside activities.

Weight Lifting

BODY TRAINING-WHAT IS IT? the girl bend trying to lift the weight with bar

In a nutshell,  weight lifting is the use of weights or machines to build body strength and muscle mass. But weight lifting is divided into two parts such as

  • Weight training
  • strength training

Today in the modern world everybody wants to look healthy and fit. So they like to go to the gym, and so excited to hit the gym. But most people don’t know what’s the difference between weight training and strength training.

So this is what exactly I’m going to tell you. And I will also share with you the Pros and Cons, that can help you to understand more, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Weight training

BODY TRAINING-WHAT IS IT?, this picture show a girl lifting dumbbell on right hand

we use weights to improve our body health. Here we put stress on the muscle with free weights, for example with the barbell and dumbbells. We can also use the machines, with all these exercises we activate the muscles to be stronger. But in this category, we don’t need long-term or strict diet plans.

Tip: Before starting any weight workout you need to warm up your body. It will help you to reduce injuries.

Pros of weight training.
  • If we talk about equipment there are many types of weights and machines are available in the Gym.
  • We can work out at the gym and at home or even on the road.
  • Weight training we don’t need specific goals, it can be a short-term workout.
  • Most gyms provide a professional coach but we don’t need to be high-level coaching, we can save that expense.

Cons of weight training.
  • If you don’t have a gym membership, then you have to find a suitable place at home or outside.
  • Maybe you have to buy your own equipment whether you don’t find it outside of the gym.
  • Whether you don’t have specific goals you will lose your motivation with time.
  • Without a professional coach, you have to make your own program.

Strength Training.

Strength training is helping to build muscles with a specific plan and also makes you stronger. Machines and free weights are important tools for strengthening. Research proves that strength training increases muscle strength and bone strength and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

For example, you need to follow a long-term plan with your coach that will help you to build the body mass that you need.

Pros of strength training.
  • We can work out at a gym, at home, or even on the road.
  • In the gym, many types of equipment are available to use it and also can use unconventional equipment such as ropes and tires, balls.
  • We need long-term plans to fulfill specific goals.
  • You will get very good guidance from a professional strength coach.

Cons of strength  training.
  • We need a suitable place at home or outside, probably we don’t have access to the gym.
  • Could not have available weights or equipment outside the gym, and have to buy your own equipment.
  • Need only simple exercises rather than long-term plans.
  • The professional coach may be expensive, you may not have enough money to hire one.

I hope you understood very well what is body training with this article. If you have any questions about this article let me know in the comment section below.

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