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Welcome to my website MYBODYWORKOUT.COM Here I’m going to share lots of things that I learned in my entire life.

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First of all, health is the most important to live a happy and long life, so then we have to train our body because if we take care of our body it will take care of us, and this is only possible with training and with good nutrition. With training, we can feel every muscle is alive and also helping to reduce any kind of stress from your mind. Our body is made for any kind of movement, it doesn’t matter whether we train or doing daily activities.

I was born in a farmer family, so I grew up on a farm, this is how I started lifting things. But with time I realized I enjoyed it. I like my body to be in activity.

I also remember when I was a kid I used to eat anything, “it’s like some testy Products” from the market, without seeing the ingredients.

When I started to take care of myself, I decided to cook my own food because my family is VEGAN. I also prefer vegetarian meals, and it’s good for the body and the environment as well. In a short amount of time, I started seeing changes in my body because of the physical activities I was doing and good nutrition.


As I was telling about my story when I started to eat healthily, I realized my mind and body started to change (I mean I had more positive energy and started to feel happy most of the time). I felt like I was becoming a new person. With some good meals, I start to feel more active, not tired even after a full-time job.


The Purpose of creating my SITE is to give all information that I got in my life to become the healthiest person. There are lots of people who don’t know so much about nutrition and exercise, they just eat to live and not take care of their body. Our body is like a ship and we are the Captain of our ship, we have to know where we are going.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happier to help you out. You can contact me on my personal email – mannu0140@gmail.com

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