7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women – The Basics

Weight training makes you fit and strong not only from the outside but from the inside also. This article will help you out with the best weight training exercises for women. If you are a beginner this is the perfect guide for you.

Most women don’t lift weights to get a great training effect. If you are that type of woman who thinks you will get big and bulky from weight training, you need to throw out that myth from your mind right now.

7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women

These basic Exercises will help you to get lean, sexy, and have a fit body. So let’s get start it.


7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, girl trying to lift bar from the floor with open leg

The deadlift is the best exercise to build whole-body strength, that’s why I will put this exercise on my top list. As I said it is a power exercise for the whole body which includes gluts, hammies to the core, shoulders, biceps, lats. You can use extra weight than you do other exercises.

Happily, deadlift helps you to burn more calories. It lets you load the hip and spine by using your body weight various times because you are working on every muscle of your body. It also increases your heart rate and will allow you to burn more calories in the gym and at the same time to cool down.

Research shows that deadlifts build strength, and improve blood circulation. Also, to strengthen bones you have to put weight on them. It doesn’t matter whether you are running or doing home staff, deadlift will make you better.

I guess you already know about the benefits of deadlifts that I recently mentioned.

Now I’m going to share with you some important steps that will help you to do a deadlift with proper form.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, girl show two positions with barbell standing and sitting

The squat is a strength training exercise that requires all muscles in your body (upper and lower) to work together at the same time. Some of these muscles help you to do a daily basis this such as carrying heavy things, climbing, walking, turning, etc.

When we bend to pick up something from the floor or fix our shoelaces, we are doing squat. It is a natural form of squat. The only difference between natural movement and workout is when we do squat exercise, we do proper form and focus on muscle to gain intended benefits.

It can be done with weights or without. Adding weight will help you to improve overall muscle mass. Nevertheless, if you use weights, you have to be sure to do it correctly and in a proper form.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, girl leydown on the bench and pushing the bar

People go to the gym and the first exercise they do is the bench press because it is a common exercise worldwide and everybody knows it. It is one of the best exercise in all pressing exercises for building muscle mass on your whole chest area. It’s also good for shoulders and triceps because they are more targeted when you do bench.

The bench press is the greatest pushing exercise for your upper body. Using a barbell for bench press lets you lift the heaviest weight and therefore stimulates your muscles more.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, women bend and trying to lift the bar from floorIt is a major exercise for building a strong and thicker back. If you are a deadlift lover this exercise will help you to increase weight in your deadlift. Barbell rows are the opposite exercise of the bench press. The bench press is a push movement, however, the barbell bent row is a pull movement.

It is an advanced exercise that requires a correct form to avoid injury. It will be helpful to improve your body posture. The main importance of the barbell row is to balance out the chest exercises such as the bench press.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, woman standing and holding the dumbbells on shoulder

Shoulder press improves the posture of your body, and it also improves core strength massively by engaging the abdominal muscles to be able to keep the weight above your shoulders while your legs working to provide support. This exercise helps with body stability and balance.

With this exercise, you will get a rounder and more upright shoulders, which will make you more impressive. This exercise targets the major upper body muscles including the deltoids, triceps, trapezius, serratus anterior, and the upper portion of the pecs.

This exercise is important for women who tend to lack upper body strength. An important benefit of the shoulder press as well as any other strength exercises is it increases bone strength. During the lift, the load placed on your bones by the weight stresses them and causes them to adapt, like your muscles.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, woman holding dumbbells in one arm and squeezing

Flexing and showing off the biceps have always been a sign of strength. The biceps muscle has two heads, long head and short.

The bicep curl is a single-joint movement to isolate the biceps. It helps to strengthen your arms, which improves athletic performance and daily activities such as picking objects and carrying things.

It will help to develop a good-looking arm, which changes into a good-looking physique. Biceps curl is a simple movement, you just need a bar or pair of dumbbells.

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7 Best Weight Training Exercises For Women, girl doing walking lunches with dumbbellsDumbbell lunges are unilateral exercises, which means they train one side of your body independently from the other. Training one side at a time will improve your balance and coordination. Squat and Deadlift are best for overall strength exercises but they simply can’t deliver the balance and stabilization benefits that lunges do.

This is also a compound leg exercise that combined with ultimate lower body muscles. This can help you to improve your strength on Squats and Deadlifts because you eliminate the weak link, that would otherwise hold back your progress.

Lunge forces you to stretch your hip flexed muscles. Weight lifting exercises improve your core stability to control spinal and position, particularly during movement.

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  1. Hi, this is a great article, a lot of good exercises you describe. I do some squats and lunges and I have a little problem with the balance but never thought of taking the dumbbell. Thank you for sharing this article.

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